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Machinery Moving Made Easy With Air Casters and Air Jacks

Aeris Corporation is the leading Air Caster and Air Jack Manufacturer utilizing advance Air Film Technology to make heavy equipment and machinery moves ranging from 200 pounds to 5000 tons easy, safe and economical.

Air Casters
Move large machinery, fabricated structures or any heavy load using air film technology. For instance, to move a 10,000 pound machine tool grinder as shown in the photo, it takes only 30 to 50 pounds of effort. Air Casters make it easy to negotiate 90 degree turns, maneuver in tight quarters, and place the load exactly where you want it. In addition, Air Casters do not damage your floor surface, operate on plant air and gently move vibration sensitive loads with ease.

Air Jacks
The air jacks are less than 1 inch thick and can be easily inserted under a machine or fabricated base for the purpose of lifting one end at a time. This is especially convenient when used to insert an air caster under a load. Air jacks are lightweight making them extremely portable, easy to operate, and have the capability of jacking up to 20 inches on a single stroke. Different sizes are available ranging in capacities from 9,600 pounds to 146,000 pounds per jack.

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